2016-16-10. 2014-01-03. I feel that the power output of VDi is more than what VXi offers and also feel the need to continuously change gears between 40kmph to 80kmph speed. Does ZXi variant of 2013 model Maruti Suzuki Swift have bluetooth feature? 2017-21-06. 2016-15-01. Ritesh yadav    Is it better than Ford Figo and Toyota Etios Liva? For example, the Fiat 1100 Millicento refers to the engine’s cubic centimeter or the Rolls-Royce 20 hp gives a nod to the engine power.Even cars manufactured in the 60’s and 70’s had much easier names. What is the minimum down-payment amount for new Maruti Suzuki Swift? RAJU PATEL    What is the downpayment for Maruti Suzuki Ertiga diesel? What is the fuel reserve capacity of swift? Is there a way to switch off the SRS airbag in my Maruti Suzuki Swift? abhilash    Does Maruti Suzuki Swift VXI have smart steering? 3 ) can we add height adjustable seat as VXI ? ROHIT R KRISHNAN    Manali padhi    2016-20-01. Please give me a solution what should I do? Is Maruti Swift DLx variant available in Gujarat? 2015-06-01. is it is worthy to speand 1lac more in zxi as compaired vxi model? 2015-15-07. Certainly Swift Vxi Swift DLX is basically nothing except Lxi Option Version in which:-> offer price is calculated after 22K Exchange Bonus > Cash discounts are taken off and rather compensated with music system, rear power window and some minor styling change Else its Swift Vxi which leads in > Fog Light in Front & Rear with Silver Surround, Vivek Raju    Is there any discount on Maruti Swift VXi? Was this required? Pranav goswami    How is the fuel economy…, Vxi is the top model for petrol and lxi is the 2nd top model the difference that you get is in cosmetics of the vehicle, Major differences r vxi comes with 1. 2017-16-02. Is it a good car to purchase? 2016-24-07. 2017-04-07. shabih abbas    True? What was the price of Maruti Suzuki Swift ZXI in 2010 in Asansol? Should I keep the knob at max in blue or in white for maximum cooling. Rajeev Kumar    Deepika    What are minimum EMI and Down Payment options of Maruti Suzuki Swift? I am planning to buy Swift VXi, my daily running is 20-30 kmpl, would it be a good choice, my priorities are mileage and low maintenance cost? 2016-19-11. I want to know if the Fog lamp cluster is available with Swift VXi variant. How do I improve the acceleration of my Suzuki Swift VXi? Ramasubramanian    Dhrijyoti Baishya    What are the difference between LXi, ZXi and VXi - Swift? What is onroad price of Maruti Suzuki Swift in India? Rear wiper and defogger for swift vxi price quote? What should I do? Davinder Kumar    Narendra Meghwal    2017-12-09. 2016-09-08. Maheswaran    2016-26-01. HARSH KUMAR SINDHANI    2015-04-11. Hello Sir, I am from Mumbai. What are the new features offered with the updated model of Swift VXi? What is the difference between LXi and VXi variant of Swift? The difference is about some features and all. M MANOHAR REDDY    Which car is better to buy between Swift VXi (O) and DZire VXi (O)? -0001-30-11. saikat bhattacharjee    2017-05-01. Is there any specific problems with Swift? 2016-31-12. What is the full forms of LDi, LXi, VXi, VDi, ZDi etc? Q. 2015-21-07. 2016-14-07. My car needed camshaft and crankshaft sensor with ignition coil with air flow mass sensor. What is the life span of the engine and spare parts of a Maruti Suzuki Swift? Can I get Maruti Suzuki Swift in Bi-color? Is Maruti Suzuki Swift available in diesel version in India? He checked out the maruti site and found thedifference between the price of Swift VXi and WagonR LXI Duo affordable !! I am confused to choose between Maruti Suzuki Swift VXi and Swift ZXi, please advice which one would be a better choice. BS6 Maruti Swift VXi Automatic price is Rs 6.66 lakh (ex-showroom delhi). 2015-14-11. What is the minimum downpayent for the Suzuki Swift VDi and also the minimum EMI? Q. How is the performance of this car. Nitesh Kashyap    2017-09-09. Mainak Chowdhury    sunil pawar    Your website shows the on road price of Swift in Indore as Rs. For this, we would suggest you walk into the nearest dealership as they will be the better people to assist you. Asked by Wiki User. 2016-24-10. 2017-21-12. 2016-13-11. Please suggest, which one should I buy? Solomon Thomas    Q. 2017-29-06. You can click on the following link to see the details of I bought 2016 Maruti Swift VXi on 25th of Feb 2016. I am confused to choose between DZire and VDI and ZDI variants, is there any difference between safety features of both variants? There is a slight difference when we talk abt convinience facilities, LXi option has front power windows, power door locks and central locking as couple of additional features that you wont get in LXi. 2015-02-01. FRANCIS    It just had its first service. I have an average running of around 1500kms a month. alpesh chavda    2017-17-07. Naveen Kumar    I want to buy Maruti Swift ZXI but I have heard that it has small boot space and also has problems in suspension & braking, please clarify. Both are good . Keerthi     What's the Swift Dzire CSD price list and its availability in Gorakpur and Varanasi? 1 lakh more than LXi model. Here are some tips. 2015-08-12. 2016-20-01. Most of the physical appearance and dimensions are same, except few cosmetic changes. What is the difference between Swift VDi limited edition and Swift VDi? What are the safety features in Maruti Suzuki Swift? If not, VXI (Petrol) is the best choice. Lxi is basic version and the ex-showroom price will be Rs 5 lakhs. If you can afford it, get the VXi. Rear parcel tray Rest check website. What is the price of Maruti Suzuki Baleno Delta? sanjay Rupchand patil    Which petrol car among Elite i20, Toyota Etios Liva and Volkswagen Polo would be best considering power, mileage and maintenance? Can we expect an updated Maruti Swift in the coming times? Which out of Maruti Suzuki Swift’s petrol and diesel engine is more powerful and better in terms of performance? Please advise. If you like Peace of Mind ownership with the factory fitted features as against dealer fitments then Maruti Swift VXI remains a very good value buy, been the on road price of Swift VXI and LXI model would almost be Rupees 1 lakh in Delhi it makes more sense to invest in Swift VXI. 2017-09-11. Which engine oil is best for Maruti Suzuki Swift Petrol? What is the total fuel capacity and radiator capacity of the diesel Maruti Swift? Compare Maruti Swift and Hyundai Grand i10. 2021 © Autoportal.com is owned by Creative Webmedia Pvt Ltd. Deepak dabas    Which is better selection? 2016-03-05. The Swift’s VXI MT variant costs Rs. 2017-03-11. 2 ) can we add VXI steering wheel for LXI trim? Gowtham    shubham    Your reply to the question is going to benefit hundreds to make a buying decision! What is the resale value for a 2008 Maruti Swift VDi which is copper in color and has well maintained interiors along with alloy wheels? 47,000 and it costs Rs. 2017-29-04. 2016-05-08. Sayanti    Why does the throttle pedal of my Suzuki Swift become hard after driving for a while? Compare Swift, Swift and Swift Prices, Mileage, Features, Specs, Colours and much more. 2015-18-08. Lxi is low varient and vxi is second top varient VXI is best for indian roads, Low version petrol and mid version petrolfor Indian roads better take an SUV, Lxi is lower model and vxi is upper model than Lxi to some features extra, Vxi have more features and Maruti and mahindra is best for Indian road. The Celerio VXi AMT attracts a sticker price of Rs. 2017-30-01. Check at Ur near by maruti Central locking system, opening of window panes from driver's position, adjustable outer mirrors through switch from driving position etc are extra features for VXi than LXi. 2017-19-02. In the past, cars used to have simple names indicating simple features such as the engine dimensions or the horsepower. LXI is the basic model and VXI has more features. All 4 power windows 3. What would be the minimum EMI amount for Maruti Suzuki Swift VDi if I pay the down-payment of Rs. anagireddy    What is the difference between new Swift ZXi and old ZXi? Please let me know your revised rates. You should select based on the usage. Both of them are good cars to begin with. Vxi model is more better in interior than lxi 0 Reply. I want a spacious car and I am confused to choose between Maruti Suzuki Swift and Mahindra KUV100, please advise. LXI is the lowest variant of the 800 while VXI is the highest variant of the car. The automatic transmission is available for another Rs. Detailed cars comparison on New Maruti Suzuki Swift ZXI AGS BS IV vs New Maruti Suzuki Swift VXI AGS BS IV compare price, specs, mileage, performance, reviews and … What are the symptoms that I should keep an eye for regarding this in the future? Maruti Swift or Hyundai Grand i10 in petrol? I have a budget of Rs. 2016-11-09. In LXi you'ii not get power wndow, music system etc. sunanda    Taking care of your windscreen is an important part of car maintenance. 2017-10-05. Mohammed sherief    How do I differentiate between Maruti Suzuki Swift VXi and VXi Opt variants? 2017-03-10. 2015-15-09. Vxi model is more better in interior than lxi. Please send address of maruti cars showroom near dombivli -east preferbly kalyan, Sandeep    Takhellambam Arunkumar Singh    Alinawaz    I want to buy Blaupunkt New Orleans 220 stereo system for my Swift VXi 2005, is it suitable for my car? Which one is best, Amt or manual? The use of all these alphabets and monikers are recent editions. In general, its just features and price difference. 2016-16-07. 2015-08-02. There's nothing different but the price tag & performance wise. Shailesh    6.66 lakh. Compare New Maruti Suzuki Swift ZXI AGS BS IV Vs New Maruti Suzuki Swift VXI AGS BS IV to know which is better. deepak sharma    Piara Singh Kalsi    Renault Triber and Maruti Swift ex-showroom prices are Rs 5.99 Lakh for RXT (Petrol) and Rs.6.14 Lakh for VXI (Petrol). Is the Maruti Swift Glory limited edition available in a ZDi variant and till when is this edition available? What is the difference between Swift VDI and LDI? What is the mileage of Maruti Suzuki Swift? What is the engine capacity of Maruti Suzuki Swift? Engine. Uvanraaj    I reckon it dosen't has a vast difference.lxi is a base variant and vxi is a middle variant. Top Answer . Is there any exchange offer going on with Maruti Suzuki Swift? Does Maruti Suzuki DZire VXi come with Remote Keyless Entry System? I have heard that Maruti is going to discontinue Celerio, is it true? Q. Which is better Swift LXi or Wagon R 1.2 VXi as the on road prices are similar. Which variant is better in swift model? Please note that I am looking for an automatic car within the approximate price range of Rs. prathiv    Why my Maruti Suzuki Swift Car not accelerating on high rpms? Can you suggest which model of Swift would be good? Vallinayagam    VJ. 2015-01-08. Q. 2015-02-10. 2015-14-09. What are the accessories provided with Maruti Suzuki Swift VDi? 2016-27-11. Subrata Sarkar    Does 2016-2017 model of Swift VDi have bluetooth feature? Is the automatic transmission available in Swift? Please share details with the break up. 2017-01-09. 2014-05-04. What is the price of Maruti Suzuki Swift ZXi? How to reset swift vxi 2018 music system? I had bought the car second hand in the year 2014 and now want to sell it further. DEEPAK N    What is the downpayment that I would need to make and how will I calculate the EMI for three years? Regi Thomas    Please arrange another original key. 2016-08-09. What is the effect of the launch of new model of Maruti Swift on older model’s resale value, spare parts etc. The only thing is you get more accessories on VXI than LXi for a premium cost. When should these be changed as per the norms? Wiki User Answered . What is the wear and tear limit of the front brake disc pads? When I start my Swift Dzire early morning huge white smoke comes out from exhaust pipe, could you please tell me what is the reason? How is the performance of Maruti Suzuki Swift? Showroom, Delhi), while the Wagon R VXi AMT with safety package costs Rs. Is Maruti Swift available in yellow colour? Abhijit    2016-06-10. I am confused whether to buy Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire or Baleno, please suggest. Dakshesh    Where can I get the duplicate key (with sensors) for the Swift? Hari Krishnen B S    LXI is Petrol variant lower segment VXI is higher with more features... Lxi is base variant and vxi is one step above as its second modelThe only difference is some features, Swift lxi vxi don’t have much features,Better to go with zxi plus, Not a lot of differences but a Long time you can bye vxi Maruti, All 4 powers windowsspeed sencing door lockhight adjustable Krunal Aravadiya    I need comfort, mileage and fun to drive. VXi is a higher variant than LXi, hence apart from the features already available on the LXi, it gets many additional features like: central locking, speed sensing door lock, height adjustable driver seat, rear seat headrest, adjustable headrest (front), power windows, electrically adjustable ORVMs, turn indicators on ORVMs, music system, steering mounted controls etc. Praveen    A clutch should become free after 10000 kms, isn't it? I am currently driving a Maruti Swift VDi. I am looking for a sedan, which would be a best choice among Honda City 2017 VX, Maruti Suzuki Ciaz S 1.3 Hybrid and Volkswagen Vento Highline Plus? I said them to adjust the clutch setting. Are there manual or power windows in the Maruti Suzuki Swift? 2017-14-11. I paid around Rs. I am confused to choose between Ertiga VXi CNG and ZXi variants, I will use the car mostly on the weekends for family trips and very rarely on weekdays. I have Maruti 800 and I have to drive frequently on highway, I need some suggestions to drive safe on highway. jomon thomas    Questions and Answers Maruti Suzuki Swift (2014-2018), Maruti Suzuki Swift (2014-2018) Price in India, Maruti Suzuki Swift (2014-2018) Specifications. Vxi had all features of zxi ..(please see specs..except leather wrapped steering wheels and split seats in the back.....slightly off track)lxi has only ac and power steering but now abs and esp as standard...initially we used to buy lxi and put central lock and a music system...new models I doubt central lock can be fitted as doors are thinner..and door handles in the rear just in front of back pillar. The key for my Maruti Swift LDi got damaged. what is difference between Swift LXI and VXI and which is best... Didn’t find the question you were looking for? Here are a few things you can do to ensure your tyre stays in the best of health. Also, is it possible to buy the car from Autoportal without insurance? How speedy and fast is the Maruti Suzuki Swift? Donot compare.best brand is POLOhyundaiFord. Q. I want to buy a car which is better Swift, Baleno or Tiago on the basis of mileage and maintenance? 4.50 Lakhs (Ex. S K Kumareshan    I am confused to choose between DZire ZXi AMT and VDI AMT, please advice which would be better considering pickup and other things? Swift Zxi - costs around 80,000 more than Swift Vxi. anujjangid    6.19 lakh, which is Rs. Arun sharma    Then my friend suggest why not look for Swift LXI variant and hence the confusion. 2017-02-11. While Swift Vxi costs Rs. What's the price and mileage of the Maruti Suzuki Swift VDI? Which car is better between the Ford EcoSport and Maruti S Cross 200 DDiS in terms of riding and driving comforts? The power windows alone can be a big blessing. What is the difference between Maruti Suzuki Swift LXi and Maruti Suzuki Swift LXi (O)? 2017-18-03. 2017-26-08. It will also have a better resale value than the LXi. How can I fix low idle rpm of my Maruti Suzuki Swift? Mileage for maruti swift petrol and mileage for wagon R lxi? Q. Which car is best in terms of design, performance, maintenance and comfort between Maruti Baleno, Ford Figo, Honda Brio and Hyundai Grand i10? How is build quality and safety of Swift? Swift VXi is anyday better in terms of features & price.. DHARMENDER KAPOOR    Can I buy a new Alto 800 car with a budget of Rs. In the powertrain department, the New Maruti Suzuki Swift gets 82 bhp Petrol engine, whereas the Maruti Suzuki Celerio comes in 67 bhp Petrol engine and 58 bhp Petrol+CNG engine. What is the light next to the reverse parking light and brake light present at the rear end of the Maruti Swift? Amardeep    2014-12-09. Interact with car / bike owners & experts. 2017-05-07. I want to buy a car and confused between Swift and Figo. My Maruti Suzuki Swift diesel has completed around 60,000kms and in this service they have performed an inter-cooler cleaning. 2016-10-09. Is Swift VDi available with bluetooth connectivity and multi-functional steering wheel? Does Maruti Suzuki equip its Swift ZXi with rear parking sensors and what is the on road price of this model? How do I use the manual AC in Swift. VXi will be a bit high end model.... https://www.zigwheels.com/newcars/Maruti-Suzuki/Swift/vxi. 2015-23-12. 2014-23-10, Manikandan Sithivinayakam    B c das    VXI has body colored bumpers and door rear view mirrors and power windows and central locking. 2014-22-08, what are expense to inbuilt for and back power window and music system in SWIFT LDI new model in NAGPUR, mm rathod    2014-19-07. Also, is there a vehicle better than either of these two? LXI is base model and VXI is second top model with some safety and comfort features. Type the characters you see in the picture. Singanallur Venkataseshan Shankar    Is it okay to install a touch screen infotainment system in my old Maruti Suzuki Swift VXI? Does Swift ZXI variant have alloy wheels? I need comfort, mileage and fun to drive. 6.16 lacs while the dealer is quoting Rs. Why is the average of my Swift not as promised by the manufacturer? Engine, exterior etc. 2017-31-05. 2017-03-10. Badri Lal Shah    Is the AMT car is cheaper to maintain and more fuel efficient than a CVT car? what is the price & milage of maruti suzuki swift zxi? 6 lakhs. 2016-21-12. Also it depends on your budget. 2015-10-06. 2017-26-03. If not which model has automatic, Sunny Mathews    What is the current resale market value for a 2007 Maruti Swift VXi? Krishnadoz    NAGENDRA K    I have decided to exchange the old 2009 Alto LXi with Swift Dzire ZXi. 2016-25-08. Nagendra Rao Gandrajupalli    2017-06-12. VXI is Petrol model and VDI is Diesel. Build quality as well. 2015-17-10. What are the differences between LXi and LXi (O) Swift? Which grade engine oil should I use in my 2015 model Swift VDi 5W-30 or 5W-40? N C Puttaswamy    I do about 40km daily in my car. Does fitting a car with new rim requires balancing? Mangesh Banda    Gaurukh    What is the difference between Swift VDi and ZDi? Which grade engine oil is recommended for the petrol model of Maruti Suzuki Baleno? 2018-08-11. nishant    In general, its just features and price difference. Vxi ofcourse than lxi which is the base model. What about mileage and discount? 2016-23-09. The chassis number of my 2006 Swift has damaged, now how can I find it? Again, I visited the service centre but they said that it's a common issue with all new car buyers. Somansh    Whether the mileage of Swift ZDi is lesser than other variants of Maruti Swift? Unable to manage phone calls using steering mounted controls on Maruti Suzuki Swift VXi 2018? 2010-10-20 08:48:36 2010-10-20 08:48:36. I am confused whether to buy Maruti Suzuki Swift VXI or Grand i10, which car is better? Is it worth paying extra 70 for the features offered on ZXi? 2016-18-12. Does Maruti Suzuki Swift come with GPS navigation system? Tssramakrishna    Can I improve mileage and prevent excessive cooling in Swift Vxi by controlling AC? My budget is 11-12 lakhs and my monthly running is around 1500-2000 kms. 2015-31-05. What would be the EMI if 4 lakh paid as downpayment? Will Maruti Suzuki launch Swift DLX in Gujarat? What about its engine and mileage? They did, but I am still facing problem while shifting gear from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd. Abdul Rafiq    Heard about swift limited edition. Music system3. Which car should I buy between Maruti Swift VXi and Hyundai Grand i10? Juyal laskar    All four power windows2. What is the mileage of Swift VXi and VDi in city driving conditions? The Lxi is the lowest variant whiles the Zxi is the top end. Normal equation is if your monthly usage is greater than 1500 KM in a month, you can go for VDI. What all accessories are included in Swift ZXi? Sanjeev Gupta    I want to buy Maruti Swift, should I buy VDi or ZDi variant? Which engine oil should be used in Maruti Suzuki Swift car? 2016-22-11. 2015-02-07. 8 lakhs. Why I am unable to turn the key in the ignition of my Suzuki Swift? What is the difference between the VXI, VXI (O) and VXI AT (O) variants of Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire? Which is best, Petrol or diesel in Swift? Can I install stereo control in Maruti Swift LXI? 2016-04-12, My 2009 model Maruti Swift vibrates when starts and makes noise and runs like out of petrol. 2014-24-08. But, the company dealer in Erode has told me that the not a single unit of Maruti Swift LXi (O) has been delivered in my city till date. santosh    2018-11-01. How to do setting or adjust the clutch? The on-road price of VXi variant is around Rs. showroom. Tushar samaddar    What about mileage difference - Swift? John estibeiro    Balwant Singh    What is the best price that Autoportal can be offer for Maruti Suzuki Swift in Jalandhar? Whats the difference between Swift LDi and VDi, sanjay R Patil    I have purchased new Swift LXi but there is no ABS written on it, is there any down model from LXi? 6.25 lacs. Let me know the best price. What is the difference between VXi and VDi except fuel - Swift? Swift VXI will be netter option as itt has all comfort and convenience features. Do the dealers replace original tyres with duplicate one before selling? 2017-13-11. My dears please suggest me better option between Swift LXI and ford Figo, I m so confused about both cars . Neeraj katariy    What will be the changes in new model? The ZXi has a more full-featured back-door than the VXi also ZXi has an adjustable height driver’s seat while the VXi doesn’t. Please help and tell me how can I get it? How well or poor did Maruti Suzuki Swift score in the crash test? 2015-04-08. Go for the top end as it will have more features. 2017-23-02. 2016-19-02. Mahender    6.12 lakhs? What's the difference between Swift Glory VDi and Swift ZDi? Mahantesh    How to make a choice from the many variants of Maruti Suzuki Swift? suneel kumar    What is the mileage of Maruti Suzuki Swift (petrol)? 2017-11-03. Ankit ahlawat    Deepak dabas    2 – 2.5 lakhs? Sonu raj    How many KM can be covered in reserve? 2015-08-04. Since both cars are from the same manufacturer, both are equally good. The capacity of engine and other features are same in LXi and VXi. kapil kakkar    Mithu Brahma    6 lakhs. 2 lakhs? 2017-05-09. Patil gautam    2015-03-09. Why does the brake fluid level of my Maruti Suzuki Swift drop early? I have an offer for 2009 Swift VXI for 4 Lakhs, Is it worth? Which one is better? 5.14 Lakhs (Ex. 2016-26-01. Engine. Sohil Desai    When should I get first oil change for Baleno? 2017-15-07. The RBI has revised interest rates that will be applicable from 5th of October. Ask your question from Swift owners and experts, Your Question should contain at least 5 characters, 13250+ Swift Owners and Experts to help you, I wish to report this Answer because it is, https://www.zigwheels.com/newcars/Maruti-Suzuki/Swift/zxi, https://www.zigwheels.com/newcars/Maruti-Suzuki/Swift/lxi, https://www.zigwheels.com/newcars/Maruti-Suzuki/Swift/vxi. Both are different versions of maruti.. in your case maruti swift... lxi is lowest petrol version, however, vxi is mid variation.. Good condition best mileage car daily travel so plz help me to purchase the car What are the dimensions of the car? 2015-18-09. 2015-10-12. 2018-02-02. Whats the tyre pressure that I should use for my Swift. How key can be withdrawn from Maruti Suzuki Swift if it gets locked inside? Which is better used Swift or Hyundai i20? Sudhesh    What is the official service cost for a Maruti Swift Diesel that has run 60,000kms? Triber has 999 cc petrol engine, while Swift has 1197 cc petrol engine. rest is same. 2016-15-10. Swift LXi vs Swift VXi Comparison Overview Vinod Kumar    E.g - Which variant of Swift is best to buy? 2,285 for the service. Maruti Suzuki Swift 2019 Bs6 LXi v/s VXI comparison Review interior and exterior features and price - Duration: 16:00. What is the price difference between a new Maruti Swift in comparison to a Used car? My priority is low maintenance. 2015-07-12. Which is the best package in terms of all ? 2017-10-07. How is 2014 Maruti Swift different from the previous generation hatchback? Q. Which variant of Maruti Suzuki Swift should I buy among VXi, VDi and LDi? 2014-25-03. 2014-24-11. What is the seating capacity of Maruti Suzuki Swift? The LXi is basic and VXi is a top end model. 2016-01-09. NALINI KONKANI    So many difference in electric mirrors and etc, Lxi is base model vxi is having good features, Vxi if you are ready to spend a little extra. When will Maruti Suzuki Alpha be launched in India? In my swift when I turn the car to the right, the steering feels hard to operate and turn left automatically. Which is better Swift LXi or Wagon R 1.2 VXi as the on road prices are similar. 1 lakh more than LXi model. In vxi windows are motorised and back wiper available, Both are good but luxury and comfort are more in VXI. 2015-20-11. 2017-01-12. What is the Difference between Ldi,Vdi & Zdi? Saifuddin siddiqui    Yathish.H.Kakanur    Swift came from a more premium segment while the wagon r is from the mid class … Does Maruti Suzuki Swift LDI 2015 offers airbags? Sree hari    Which is a better colour between white or violet for the Swift? I am confused to choose between Ford Figo 1.2 and Maruti Suzuki Swift, my preference is mileage and space, please suggest which would be better. Sharukh    Basic in petrol and Fully Loaded in petrol. I am confused to choose between Swift VXi and Baleno Delta, is it worth spending extra 60-70K on Baleno Delta over Swift VXi? 2016-26-10. 2015-24-08. VXi is a higher variant than LXi, hence apart from the features already available on the LXi, it gets many additional features like: central locking, speed sensing door lock, height adjustable driver seat, rear seat headrest, adjustable headrest (front), power windows, electrically adjustable ORVMs, turn indicators on ORVMs, music system, steering mounted controls etc. For more details you can refer the below two links https://www.zigwheels.com/newcars/Maruti-Suzuki/Swift/zxi https://www.zigwheels.com/newcars/Maruti-Suzuki/Swift/lxi, Better variant is vXI and TATA is the best brand for India, Read brochure from dealer, don't ask such questions.

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